Balcony Organ

Christ Church is perhaps the only church within the city limits to house two pipe organs. Donated by J. C. Ehringhaus, the Henry Erben organ was built in 1845 and later installed in the gallery when the new building was erected in 1856. The organ is composed of five ranks, one divided manual with 54 keys and no pedal division, a piano/forte pedal; all ranks are under expression.

8 Stopped Diapason 4 Principal
8 Stopped Diapason (Bass) 2 Fifteenth
8 Open Diapason 8 Trumpet

It has been noted that Erben, located in New York City, was one of the major American organ makers of the nineteenth century. During his 60-year career, he built nearly 1,200 instruments; Christ Church’s Erben organ is the only one to remain completely unaltered. Another notable aspect that sets it apart among other extant instruments is that it has an original Erben trumpet in excellent condition. This reed is the only known unaltered example in playing condition. The instrument was restored in 1986 by Mann & Trupiano of New York City and is recognized by the Organ Historical Society as one of Erben’s best preserved opuses; while an electric motored blower was installed; capabilities remain that alternatively allow hand pumping. The Erben Organ and the Rose Window over the altar were moved from the first Christ Church building.